Papavassiliou was born in Athens on April 19th 1956, his paternal side descends from a line of Orthodox priests and his maternal side from artists, musicians and painters.


  • Molenbeek Academy (1980-1989), painting (Henry Van Eepoel) and art history (Serge Goyens de Heusch).
  • Watermael- Boitsfort Academy (1988-1990), monumental painting (Pierre Fromon).
  • Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels (1989-1992), engraving (Roger and Igor Dewint Swingedau), lithography (Josée Leybaert).
  • Degree in Visual Arts and applied Arts, as well as Art History (1989).


  • Museum Bonaventure Feuillien (France)
  • Spontaneous art museum Brussels (Belgium)
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes (France)
  • Musée de la Famenne-Marche (Belgium)
  • Frans Masereel Center (Kasterlee, Belgium)
  • Cultural Center Zwaneberg (Belgium)


  • Danemark (Aolborg-Jerup) 1987
  • Eglise danoise de Bruxelles 1988
  • Erasme Bruxelles1988
  • Centre culturel de Coursel 1988
  • « Jeune peintre wallon » Liège 1989
  • Prix Marcel Gibon Bruxelles 1989
  • Biesm’Art Wallonie 1990
  • Anspach Center Bruxelles1990
  • Biennale européenne de Barcelone 1991
  • Office provincial des Artisanats et Industries d’Art du Brabant 1991 ( prix de gravure)
  • Galerie « Regard » 1992
  • Centre Culturel de Rotterdam 1993
  • Galerie « La Scola» 1994
  • Musée Bonaventure Feuillien, France 1994
  • Centre Culturel de Huy 1995
  • Galerie Faverey, Rotterdam 1995
  • Galerie “Brutz” 1995
  • Maison de la Culture de Marche 1996 (rétrospective 1986-1996)
  • Les Carmes, Marche 1996
  • Chapelle des Pères Franciscains, Marche 1996
  • Musée de Marche 1996
  • Musée d’Art Spontané, Bruxelles 1997
  • Centre Culturel Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den Berg 1998
  • Centre Culturel Anto Diez, Bredene 1999
  • Association internationale des Arts Plastiques et des Lettres 2005
  • Galerie Nomades, Bruxelles 2005
  • Association des Métiers d’Art de Bruxelles 2005
  • Expo rétrospective, Jamioulx 2006 (rétrospective 1996-2006)
  • Rotary Wavre 2006
  • Performance expo, Carla-Bayle, France 2007 (performance)
  • Au fil de l’Eau expo groupe, Vresse-sur-Semois 2007
  • Art-event, Anvers 2007
  • Office Communal du Tourisme et de la Culture, Hamois 2008 (performance)
  • Galerie Courant d’Art, Cordes-sur-Ciel, France 2008 (performance)
  • Tempo Art Centre Beijing de Pékin 2009
  • Office du Tourisme et de la Culture de Rocamadour, France 2009
  • Atelier Couleurs Pastel Montastruc la Conseillere, France 2009
  • Exposition Double-jeu Montesquieu-Volvestre, France 2009(performance)
  • Palais du Gouverneur du Brabant Wallon Rotary, Wavre 2009
  • Cana des Artistes Versailles, France 2009
  • Expo Tibet Chapelle de Boondael, Bruxelles 2009
  • salle Caviole, Cahors, France 2010
  • 20/20 Centre Culturel de Huy 2010
  • Exposition à Lauzerte, France 2010
  • Cloître de la Collégiale, Nivelles 2010
  • Expo dans les rues, Carpentras France 2010
  • Expo la Galerie Salvagnac France 2010(performance danse musique)
  • Expo à “la maison qui bouge” Maffe, Belgique 2011 ( performance défilé)
  • Expo au Halle Saint-Pierre Paris, France 2011(livres artistiques)
  • Expo au Carmel à Montauban, France 2011
  • Expo Collégiale de Nivelles, Belgique 2011
  • Expo centre Culturel de Marche-en-Famenne 2011 (performance)
  • Expo Atelier Aumélie à Lamothe Cumont, France 2012
  • Expo au Crabe Joidogne 2012
  • Exposition Touzac ” Jardins des Chaignes ” France 2013 (performance)
  • Exposition Centre Culturel de Hotton Belgique 2013 ( performance )
  • Exposition festival de Vaour France 2014
  • Exposition BAM la Roche-sur-Semois 2014
  • Exposition Our Ardennes Belgique 2014 ( performance)


In Belgium, France, Greece, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Canada, as well as works in the museums of Modern Art in Nantes, at Bonaventure Feuillien, in the Spontaneous Art Museum in Brussels, in the museum Famenne and in the center Frans Masereel.
Realization of the poster for the cultural season of the Culture House in Marche.
Wallonian International Prize for Plastic Arts 2005.
Making a Kiwanis doll for hospitalized children in 2005.
Production of an artistic chair in favor of “Sit Hope” for a circus school in Palestine 2008.
Creation of the pouch for the disk “Prelude” for the Omasphère group 2009 (see link).


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Evangile Papavassiliou performs painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, monotypes, ceramics and glass. He also develops artistic boxes and artistic suitcases.


Papavassiliou has always been sensitive to the presence of angels and their presence lightens many of his drawings and his paintings. These benevolent beings of which we were told as children that they look after us, here have a very human face. In vibrant colors but never garish, they manifest their presence in a sort of non-environment. Neither interior nor landscapeare there to situate these floating bodies or these peaceful faces whose unspecified presence have something reassuring. They seem to be there to remind us that hell is not necessarily “the others” but rather the abandonment of others. Behind these populated paintings, there resides a call, a message. Something within these pictures and these paintings speaks to the visitors and invites them to consider the meaning of life between past and present near or faraway. The essential things arise out of this plastic process out of fashion and enlightened merchants to sell.
At the time of all the solitudes and tears of the world between rich and poor (money as well as spirituality), the message of Evangeli Papavassiliou shows no sign of revolt. He offers with its own resources such as painting, printmaking, drawing in ink or pencil, sculpture and lithography, everything that an artist feels.
He expresses without vanity his thoughts of a man for whom human dignity is not an empty word.
Papavassiliou prefers the company of angels …


Papavassiliou portrays life between memories and the present, the “death party”, our insecurity, the challenge of creating, the sustainability of poetry, the dance on fire and water. Authentic art whose lyrical strength lays in the use of reds, blues, yellows and blacks provides more continuity to the living painting than a hundred fallacies of advanced aesthetes.

Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art

Papavassiliou, a Greek artist, astounds the audiences with its incomparable productions for which each element is a puzzle piece in its own right, with his emotions, the turmoil of its characters that invites to a journey into the visionary, to the mysticism, to the depths of the soul.
A confusing journey that raises the question, meditation but certainly admiration. The flamboyant colors in the tables are vectors of a particular momentum which leads the visitor into a world filled with the questions of life.


All works exhibited by Evangeli Papavassiliou breathe spirituality and inner search,
for Evangile, the human is his concern.
On large canvases he lays down contemplative faces with a broad forehead, and a narrow chin.
The eyes vibrate light and hence give a soul to these faces, like open houses where you can read the emotions of life. There is poetry where sumptuous colors rhyme with rich material to animate flesh. One can find the mystery, the inner life of the icons. The vision of the visitors stop, scan and are seduced

La Dépêche du Midi Toulouse